Making Beautiful Things For Fun

3D Hobbyist | NURBS | Mesh | 3D Visualization


About Me

My Design Philosophy


From Art

Making is at the heart of all operations I do. I know that good idea needs always a lot of creative work.

To Part

I can  provide material  for all phases of product creation. 3D models, 3D visuals and rapid prototypes from my 3D printer.

With Craft

In the final stage, I’ll make sure that everything has been finished with the highest visual quality, what the eye can see.

My Skills As A Creative Hobbyist

Product Design

I create design products just for my own fun. This way I am keeping up with the creative skills, I’ve invested a lot during my more than three decades long work history. This website is a platform to present these designs.


I also visualize my projects with digital materials. For this I use several low cost software packages. If patterned textures, like fabrics are used, this includes UV mapping to achieve seamless, high end look for the rendered 3D surface data.